Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fine China in the canteen

The Saltaire Festival offers opportunities to venture into areas where the general public is not normally allowed. Housed in what was originally Salts Mill's combing shed (where wool was straightened and sorted), this canteen belongs to Pace plc, the electronics company that now uses much of the Mill for its production. It provided a calm and airy space to escape the Festival crowds, chill out, have a coffee and watch old films of Salts Mill's workers' outings. (See also here).

I was a little surprised to see this replica of one of China's Terracotta Warriors. According to its label it was a gift to Pace plc from Uniserve 'to commemorate our partnership and the logistics services we provide from China and the rest of the world'. The Terracotta Army are of course a series of sculptures depicting the army of Qin Shi Huang, China's first Emperor. Buried with his body in 209-210 BC, they were supposed to protect the Emperor in the afterlife. The Mausoleum, discovered in 1974, is another UNESCO World Heritage Site like Saltaire. (I wonder if they have a bust of Sir Titus in China?)


  1. If they don't have a bust of Sir Titus, they should have! Love the post title.

  2. It is a wonderful replica and was a wonderful discovery when they uncovered all those terracotta warriors and horses.

  3. Fantastic! I hope to see the originals all together one day. :-)

  4. Rather nice canteen! Looks like Pace plc is a good place to work. May the day come when all armies are terracotta.

    1. I couldn't agree more - on all counts.

  5. Seeing the terra cotta soldiers is one of the few reasons I would have for visiting China. I think they are beautiful and the story of their discovery is pretty cool.


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