Sunday, 9 September 2012

Green field sight

After all that urban splendour, it's back to Saltaire (for some suburban splendour, I suppose!)  This view (looking more or less eastwards from the gatehouse of what used to be the Milner Field estate) shows quite clearly how Saltaire was built in a cosy hollow beside the river. Sir Titus Salt chose a greenfield site, well away from the deprivation and disease of the Victorian city of Bradford (which lies in another hollow somewhere in the distance to the right of this picture.) Those familiar with Saltaire's landmarks will be able to pick out (from left to right) the Victoria Mills chimney, the New Mill chimney, Salts Mill and its tall chimney, Saltaire United Reformed Church's domed tower, Shipley's clock tower (a white square) - then further along to the right - the tower of Saltaire's Victoria Hall, the tower of Shipley's St Paul's Church and, right on the hill, the tower of the Roman Catholic Church of St Walburga.

This weekend saw the start of the tenth annual Saltaire Festival (I can hardly believe it has come round again so quickly) - so I should be able to bring some reports and photos of that in the coming days.


  1. It looks like a clean green suburb. Salt was a visionary.

  2. Jenny, I am interested in what type mills you have or had here. Thanks, gin

    1. The local mills were woollen mills, founded during the early part of the 19th century Industrial Revolution. Most have now closed; Salts Mill ceased production in 1986 and now holds shops, galleries, restaurants, offices and a very high-tech electronics company.

  3. Looks like beautiful weather for an outing, as well.

  4. What a lovely look down on the hollow and on Saltaire. I love that photo with the clouds overhead! The festival sounds fun, too! :)

  5. It does feel like coming home... I've enjoyed the look at Bradford, especially the chemist's and the amazing book store in the old Wool Exchange.

  6. This is a typical english view to my alien eyes: The beautyful village among green nature..


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