Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Knit wit

The tenth annual Saltaire Festival began this weekend and continues until Sunday 16 September.  Every year it seems to get bigger and buzzier, and every year there are new aspects to enjoy. I found something small but amusing sitting on a radiator in the Victoria Hall - this 18" high knitted "Sir Titus Salt". Created by Heather Savage, it pays homage to the visionary Victorian who built the village of Saltaire and the mill. I gather 'he' will be visiting a number of different venues during the course of the Festival - I will see if I can spot him again. (I think he may have had a drop of 'Saltaire Blonde', despite his well-known views on the perils of alcohol consumption!)

Heather has been instrumental in galvanising a thriving little local knitting community. She runs a 'Knit and Natter' group at Shipley College. It seems an appropriate pastime for an area built on the fortunes of the woollen spinning and weaving industry. Sadly it's not something I'll be joining in with; my knitting career got no further than a small scarf at Primary School, which I cast off prematurely in disgust, only to receive a severe telling-off from my needlework teacher!


  1. I'm not good in knitting but I like to make dolls with fabrics, and I absolutely love this one!
    Do you think Sir titus would have imagined being "dolled" one day!? :o)

  2. He looks a little grumpy (in a cute way). Not entirely happy with his position on that radiator, perhaps.

  3. Love the knitted Titus...and the title of the post.

  4. You are not a knitter? I would have guessed that you are. Maybe it is time to try again.

  5. I love the woolly Mr Salt. I'm with you when it comes to knitting. My first attempt at a jumper for TOH* turned out with sleeves more suited to an orangutang rather than a human.
    *The Other Half.


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