Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pink pedal power

When Saltaire Festival and the Arts Trail were a combined event, one of the most interesting features was always the 'open houses', when some of Saltaire's village houses are turned into mini-art galleries and opened for viewing.  The Arts Trail now occupies its own slot in the spring, so the open houses have migrated to that.  Instead, the Festival this year saw the first (I'm sure it will be repeated) Open Gardens trail, and very fascinating it was too, peeping into people's back yards.

It's truly amazing what some people have managed to cram into their tiny little yards - and in some cases even tinier front gardens.  It has not been a good year for gardens (far too wet and grey) and even the best show few signs of colour at this late stage - but that hasn't stopped people from injecting colour in the form of pots, painted walls, bunting and other 'props'.  I particularly liked this pink bicycle, a key feature in a showstopper of a garden, whose visionary owner has filled it with attractively painted flowerpots in pinks, blue and purples with planting to match.


  1. Oh, I like that! those people have a very poetic state of mind!

  2. The bike might have been painted with SW in mind. She's big into pink!

    1. Aw, most little girls go through that phase! It may or may not last....

  3. Thats a great idea to brighten up a garden. I would like it better without the flags/bunting.

  4. It certainly adds a nice touch! Very pretty.

  5. My wife has a purple bicycle, gotten when seeing a sign in a front yard that said "Free" immediately in front of two bicycles. She chose the mechanically better of the two, which happened to be purple. She has no qualms about leaving it anywhere now, comfortable in the knowledge that NO ONE would ever steal a purple bicycle.

  6. A pink bicycle? Very artistic.


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