Thursday, 27 September 2012

River watching

Well, it's still raining as I write this on Wednesday evening. Though there was a brief respite in the middle of the day it started up again later. The River Aire through Saltaire is as high as I've ever seen it, though still largely contained, apart from this overspill into Roberts Park. I'm not sure that it has peaked yet. We will get a lot of water coming down from the Yorkshire Dales overnight. It makes an interesting subject for the camera. These were taken on my iPhone on the way home from work.... Not bad, I think....

The water at the New Mill is thundering over the weir; such power there.  Contrast with these photos - here and here - for previous flood conditions. You can see it is much worse now.

The fisherman seen in yesterday's blog photo was standing in the middle of the river just below the weir, alongside the mill wall seen here top right.  What a difference in a week or so!

It seems even worse further north and east. Some of the city centre in York is flooded, trains between York and Newcastle are disrupted and the main north-south road, the A1, is closed for miles due to flooding. What a pity we can't send some of this to those areas of the world that are drought-stricken.


  1. It's amazing to see all this water and it's still raining! Not good weather to be out and about but I suppose you're a lot more used to it than I would be. Thanks for braving the elements to capture these shots

  2. Amazing and dramatic!

  3. Oh my, you seem to have gotten a lot of rain. I hope it doesn't go on for much longer or you'll be in trouble. We've been getting a lot of rain here too lately but not quite as much as in England I think (I've seen very wet pictures from other English bloggers as well)

  4. Me oh my ! ! I should imagine the proposed new hydro electric station would be over producing electricity in these conditions . . . free electric for all Saltaire citizens I wonder ? ? ?

    1. They'd probably have to switch it off to prevent it getting damaged!!

  5. I'm amazed by the sharpness of photos taken with smart phones. They're starting to make Swiss Army knives look like archaic single-purpose instruments. How much longer until we can whittle with an iPhone?

  6. This is VERY high. And you shot it with an iPhone? My old iPhone didn't take good pictures, but my new iPhone 5 arrived yesterday and I haven't taken any photos with it yet. Here's hoping . . .

  7. Gosh you are having a bad time with the rain and here we are desperate for it. Funny world.


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