Monday, 29 April 2013

An outing!

At long last the spring seems to be arriving here... enough, at least, to entice me out.  My first trip was to nearby Skipton. My ulterior motive was to buy some shoes. Skipton retains a good mix of smaller shops and independents. I've always found it a manageable place to shop; it's not too big to be overwhelming. It has a really good open-air market too. Disaster then, to discover that my favourite shoe shops had both closed since I was last there. A sign of the times I'm afraid. The other sign of the times is finding myself in that uncomfortable age bracket where many clothes and shoes are just 'too young' for me now (I don't want to be 'mutton dressed as lamb', as the saying goes) and the opposite extreme, the 'classics' option, is way too old. I neither want tight, slim-leg trousers (pants for my US readership!) nor elasticated waists.

I took solace in framing up a few photos. Skipton is always good for a cheery picture, with lots of activity around the canal basin.


  1. Any time I see a canal boat, I start to wonder 'what if'?

  2. I know exactly what you are saying about clothes for our age. They are too old or too young. Every time I see the Skipton Long boats I think of the holiday we nearly had there on a long boat. Unfortunately we had to cancel because Bill couldn't get away from his business at that time. I'm glad its warming up for you.

  3. I hear you! It is a problem to find cool clothes that aren't childish.

  4. It is still a lovely photo even if the shopping trip was a bust.

    So, why can't you wear tight slim-leg pants?

    1. I suppose in theory I could but these days I don't like feeling like I'm encased in cling-wrap. I'll leave that to the young things.


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