Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Let the fun begin

The annual World Heritage Celebration in Saltaire took place at the weekend. OK, last year it was held (just) a week later, but then there was a green haze on all the trees and the spring flowers and blossom were out in abundance (see here). In contrast, this year we still seemed entrapped in winter, with bare trees and an ongoing chill and greyness to the weather (though it has turned a bit brighter since). It didn't prevent some folks turning out to enjoy what was on offer in Saltaire (and buying hot snacks from the ice-cream boat!)  There were exhibitions, music and children's activities - but it didn't seem to have anything like last year's buzz to it. Maybe it's just me feeling lacklustre, but I don't think I'm alone in that. I could hardly be bothered to take any photos... most unlike my usual self. (There was one photographer working hard. If you look closely at my photo you'll see him at the far end of the boat. It is a fellow blogger, Martin, who does the 'Bradford, My Town' blog.)

I have featured The Kennet before. It's a barge of the type that once plied up and down the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, ferrying goods. Now beautifully and fully restored, it functions as a museum and educational space. The white tent alongside was promoting the work of the Canal and River Trust, the newly-created charity that now looks after Britain's network of inland waterways.


  1. How those canal boats tug at my "wish bone"! (Would love to spend some time holidaying on one - maybe when I win the lottery!) . Thanks for sharing this shot. Hope you soon get some warmer weather and you are once again photographically inspired.

  2. Oh dear, you sound a bit down in the mouth, jennyfreckles. I'll try to 'will' some sunshine your way.

  3. I agree Jenny, certainly a different feel about the Heritage Weekend this year. I am another (usually avid) Saltaire photographer, but my enthusiasm has waned of late and my Saltaire portfolio for 2013 is sadly lacking so far. I'm afraid the weather will have to take the blame !


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