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Friday, 1 November 2013

Autumn windfall

There are more leaves on the ground than on some of our trees now - and yes, this is Autumn in Old England, not Fall in New England. (But with the occasional vivid red leaf among the yellow and brown ones, who would know?) Wind, rain and mild weather have combined to ensure that Britain's autumn this year is nowhere near as spectacular as last year's was. It is still possible to find some inspirational images though. This is just how the leaves fell, I didn't arrange them.

By the way, I have not finished with my USA trip photos yet, it's just taking me a while to work through them.


  1. There's something very poetic in those leaves, their colors, the way they lie on the grass..

  2. Looks a lot more attractive than the soggy mush of leaves that I cleared up in my back yard yesterday! So well done on finding an "inspirational image" out there.

  3. I THOUGHT these looked more like American leaves than English leaves. Very pretty.

    Some American photographers make good livings by arranging colorful autumn leaves and taking fine-grained photographs of them.

  4. There she goes again..Mother Nature creating a unique image, beautifully captured here Jenny.