Friday, 6 November 2009

Autumn Tree

This is the last photo in this little series on Shipley Glen - it's a recent one, taken up on the hill above Saltaire. This is the area where the Aerial Flight in yesterday's post was sited. It's not much different now from how it was in Victorian times, though all the rides and attractions have gone. The most exciting thing on offer nowadays is Yorkshire Dales ice-cream (which is very yummy). But it is still a lovely place for a stroll, or to sit on a rock or one of the wooden seats and watch what's going on. It's a popular spot with dog-walkers and kite-flyers.

The rocks are millstone grit,
a coarse gritty sandstone - and yes, they did use it to make millstones
, for grinding grain into flour. Sometimes you see novice climbers practising on the rock edge that falls away to the left of my picture. The rough texture of the rock gives quite a lot of grip, so I guess it's good for beginners.


  1. I did take my dog Amy walking there some years ago. I think I will have to return. Thanks for the Shipley Glen series, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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