Saturday, 2 July 2011

Happy days

Well, hello.... I think it's time to start blogging again after my short break.  I've had some busy, happy days:

❀ celebrated two birthdays - mine and my mum's.  No big fuss, but some laid-back celebrations with friends.  You may recall me saying my mum has not been well for several months.  I'm pleased to report she is responding well to treatment and I'm not nearly as worried about her as I was a while ago.

❀ did some necessary chores in the house and garden... I have herbs! I'm really pleased. As I've said before, I don't have a green finger on me, so anything that grows in my tiny patch is a bonus.  I just need to remember to water it as we are having some very dry weather again.

❀ ate lots - strawberries (and cream sometimes) and rather too many M&S Rocky Road mini-bites, a delicious confection of marshmallow, raisins, crunchy biscuit pieces and chocolate. Only 50 calories apiece.  If only I could just eat one...

❀ watched some tennis.  I've loved Wimbledon since I was a schoolkid, when for one glorious fortnight a year we were allowed to watch TV in our PE lessons, instead of doing unspeakably awful things running around with balls outside. (Hockey, tennis, no matter - I was terrible at everything and hated PE with a vengeance!)

❀ spent an exhausting but fulfilling few days in London, helping my daughter and son-in-law to move to a new flat - their first purchase after renting for several years.  They're thrilled and it was a pleasure to be able to lend a hand.  I packed a van-load of boxes and gave the new flat a good clean before all their stuff arrived.  As J now carries a neat little baby-bump, I was keen to spare her the effort of scrubbing floors and washing tiles down.  Pity it was the hottest few days in London since 1996... Phew!
There were a few teething problems - one involving 'the washing machine of doom' as my daughter termed it, which had been left behind by the previous owners.  It flooded the kitchen with stinky black water, which then proceeded to drip through the ceiling of the flat below - not a good intro to your new neighbours!  However, thanks to fervent prayer, a charming plumber and some very good-natured removal men, the problem was solved satisfactorily.

Now life is resuming its more usual rhythm and I hope to be able to get back to taking photos and posting blogs.  I have changed the blog name, mainly so I can escape the pressure of daily posts, which was becoming a bit too demanding.  I don't think you'll see much significant change but I am giving myself a wider scope than 'Saltaire Daily Photo' allowed.


  1. Welcome back, Jenny. The new format looks great. And I feel your pain of helping the "young 'uns" move. I've done it too many times! Jim

  2. Wonderful to have you back, Jenny and I love your new format and the new name...Happy Days sounds just perfect!

    It has been great catching up on your news. You certainly have been up to all sorts. Happy Birthday, a bit belatedly, but nevertheless well intended. I hope the year ahead brings you much joy and happiness (well, it's bound to, isn't it, with that precious grandchild on the way!)

    I'm so happy to hear your Mum is improving. That is wonderful news and it's gratifying to know you were able to celebrate your birthdays together.

    I love strawberries and cream! Yum! Never eaten Rocky Road bites before, but they do sound rather yummy :)

    I'm holding thumbs your herbs put on a splendid show for, go out there and give them a drink of water and some love ;)

    Those dreadful PE days...I hated them as well and was absolutely hopeless at everything!

    I can relate completely to your willingness to help your daughter and SIL with their move. I'm the same with my two children. I hope they'll be very happy in their new home now that their washing machine troubles have been resolved.

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo

  3. Silly me! Happy Days refers to this post...Salt & Light as the enhanced name for your blog...I blame it on my age :)

  4. Love the new blog name. I often feel bad that I don't post every day... adding unnecessary pressure on myself for no reason. Am so glad you mum is doing well and look forward to seeing more of your 'wider scope'!

  5. Salt and Light ~ now that is just a gorgeous name for your blog spot! Sounds like you've been pleasantly busy. Love that your mum is better and that daughter has a cute baby bump. And herbs to boot? Life is good! :)

  6. Great to have you back. My, you have been busy. Love the new look.

  7. The new look has a really fresh, light feel to it and I love the name. Very clever :)

    Like you, I am beginning to find the daily posting a bit of a burden. I'm allowing myself to skip the odd few days here and there and considering reducing to 4 or 5 posts a week.

  8. Good to see you back on your blog. You have been busy! I look forward to seeing more in the weeks ahead.

  9. You surprised mw with the comments on my blog - glad to have you back! I've missed your pics of Yorkshire.

  10. It's good to hear that everything is going so well, especially your mum's health. I'm looking forward to many more Saltaire photos.

  11. I think it was very wise to change the title of your blog to allow more flexibility. Blogging seems to want to take on a life of its own! I am glad to hear that your mother is responding to treatment. Happy Birthday to you - and to her. Sounds like hard work in London, but with people you love. :-)

  12. Happy belated birthday! I love your collage!

  13. Welcome back Jenny ... and happy belated birthday.

  14. Bravo to you!!!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful locale and comments with those of us who live somewhere far removed from Yorkshire.

  15. Welcome back, Jenny! Glad to hear the great news regarding your mother.

  16. So good to hear things have improved for your Mother Jenny! This is a beautiful mosaic to update us on what's been going on with you! Those strawberries look luscious. ~Lili


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