Friday, 11 October 2013

Gossamer web

Isn't this amazing? It was my favorite exhibit in the 'Cloth and Memory' exhibition. By a Japanese artist, it is made of individual rice grains threaded on cotton.

Yoriko Yoneyama – Japan
Artist whose installation comprises a suspended web of dried rice threaded on fine cotton. Her intention is to link those overlooked elements which are essential to our survival and our cultural heritage: food and clothing - rice and fibre.


  1. i like this very much! Rice , really !!

  2. individual rice grains? Oh my!

  3. I liked this one and the one with the floating cubes!

  4. This is unusual. It looks like an exhibition I saw (and showed on my blog) last year at MassMOCA, a contemporary art museum in the Berkshires, near Williamstown.


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