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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Roll back the carpet...

... and get dancing! Roll Back the Carpet are a Saltaire-based dance group, who practice in the Victoria Hall. Their style is rather different from our other local dance group, Rainbow Morris, as Roll Back the Carpet dance in the Appalachian 'Green Grass' style, which has links to American square dancing. It is called clogging, but in fact they don't wear the leather clogs we are used to seeing. Their shoes have heels and metal taps underneath to make a clicking sound so they need a hard, flat surface like the bandstand to dance on. It's energetic and they obviously have a lot of fun doing it.

They were dancing a 'Day of Dance' as part of the Saltaire Festival, teaming up with half a dozen other dance sides. Roberts Park was a lively place that day!


  1. they look like they're having fun! Green Grass style sounds like they should be bare foot! :)

  2. I would love to see this. Country dancing is so charming. I saw Morris dancers in the west of England many years ago and thought they were fantastic. It would be fun seeing these women dancing.