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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Cloth & Memory (2)

There's a wonderful exhibition on the top floor of Salts Mill at the moment (until November 3). Entitled 'Cloth and Memory (2)', it uses the huge space of the mill's original spinning shed to prompt installations and exhibits by 23 UK and international artists, using textiles as a start point.  I thought I was going to be underwhelmed at first, but in fact I found that by going round slowly, taking the time to see the detail and allowing each exhibit to offer me its story, it proved to be a most enriching experience.

The piece in the foreground of my photo is described in the catalogue as follows:

Kari Steihaug - Norway
One of Norway's leading textile artists whose work has not previously been shown in the UK. Her installation is conceived as a dialogue with sizes: between the body and the room. It comprises of an unravelling woollen jumper, knitted from garments discarded or collected from flea markets. The installation stretches from floor to ceiling - drawing lines in space as the unravelled threads are wrapped around spools on the floor.


  1. I saw this show and at first was in awe of the space up there but then the pieces took over. It was a wonderful exhibition.

  2. They are really interesting installations and the space is a wonderful area to put them.