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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Leeds Morris Men

The world of Morris and folk dancing is full of rich history and there many different and arcane traditions. Leeds Morris Men, also dancing at Saltaire Festival, dance in the Cotswold Morris tradition. This is perhaps what most people think of when you say 'Morris dancing'... hankies, sticks and bells and lots of jumping up and down. It's great fun to watch.  These dances are thought to have their origins in pagan fertility rituals, celebrating the coming of Spring and warding off evil spirits that might seek to prevent new growth and rebirth. They also have a 'fool', whose role is to build rapport with the audience, talking to them, introducing the dances, getting people to join in - as this little girl so ably did - and generally fooling about.


  1. Different strokes for different folks - but they are enjoying themselves, and they probably finish with a beer.

  2. Yes! This is the kind of Morris dancing I saw in the past. Maybe it was in Broadway of Chipping Camden?