Thursday, 19 April 2018

Fog on the Thames

I had a day trip to London to see a photographic exhibition, Vision 9 (see HERE), at the 'gallery@oxo' on the South Bank. It was a most enjoyable treat and a wonderful exhibition to see. I'd seen it advertised and realised that, of the nine photographers exhibiting, five are people I already follow on Facebook, finding their work very inspiring. So, even before I'd really thought about it, I'd booked a train ticket to go! All the artists are landscape photographers but they are producing some exquisite and unusual work, far removed from a straight landscape shot. Some use multiple exposures and ICM (intentional camera movement) or long exposures to produce work that sings with light and has an impressionistic feel.

I took my own camera, hoping for some city shots, but it was a poor day, dull and foggy and very cold. The view along the Thames looked almost monochrome, with the dome of St Paul's Cathedral and the skyscrapers in the City looming out of the mist in the distance.


  1. If not for the more contemporary architecture in the City, this could be a London scene from decades ago with those pea soup fogs the place is famous for. Terrific shot!

  2. Nice atmosphere in your pic, Jenny!


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