Saturday, 28 April 2018

Park circle

I rather liked this random and colourful arrangement of people enjoying the sunshine in Saltaire's Roberts Park. The balustrade on the roof of the Half Moon Café provides a good vantage point for candid shots of what's going on in the lower field - and there is nearly always someone sitting on the alpaca statue. If I'd have zoomed my lens a bit wider, I could have included people sitting at tables outside the café. A bit wider still and you'd have seen lots of people having picnics and playing games on the grass. Even wider and I could have taken in the game of cricket getting underway on the adjacent pitch. There was something, though, about this circle that pleased me; it seemed adequate to convey the  mood: sunshine, friendship, relaxation... aaahh...


  1. There's something about a circle . . .

  2. I like this pic too. It looks like the adults have just finished a run.

  3. Probably because they are framed within the circle makes it pleasing to the brain. Good to see the weather has warmed up.


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