Saturday, 21 April 2018

Swinging London?

When I'm in London these days, I seem to spend most of my time on the South Bank, exploring the galleries and tourist magnets like Borough Market. Although the gallery@oxo (where the exhibition was) is close to the Tate Modern and the Hayward Gallery, I decided this time to forgo their delights and venture north and west, across the river, up through Covent Garden (above), Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus and then up Regent Street to Oxford Circus. There was plenty to enjoy - and lots of people everywhere.

I'm old enough to remember the 1960s, when Carnaby Street (above) was the place to be, at the heart of 'Swinging London'. It is still full of quirky shops and independent traders, and interesting to wander down. It's now pedestrianised too, so at least you don't have to worry about stepping out into the path of a London taxi!  The days when I could wear shoes like these are also long past, but I thought they were fun and so colourful.


  1. From what I remember of the 1960s women's footwear was either fairly plain shoes with low heels or else "kinky boots". Extravagant colourful creations like those in the photo didn't really appear till the 1970s. Not that I was paying any attention to young ladies legs in those days you understand. :)

  2. A strong contrast in architecture in that first shot, but I like it.

  3. Love those shoes! I'd probably break an ankle even back then! ;-)

  4. Colorful shoes.
    Beautiful photos.
    Have a nice weekend
    Maria de
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  5. In the sixties one had a lot of young female leg not to pay attention to. The mini-skirt à la Mary Quant was very much in mode, and it stayed in for years.


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