Monday, 16 April 2018

Leeds owl mural

I've tried to take a picture of this mural in Leeds city centre before, with little success. Then I had reason to pass through Leeds railway station and realised that from one of the platforms it is much more visible and accessible. I didn't know much about it, but searching online I found that it was commissioned as part of a street art project, 'A City Less Grey'. Called 'Athena Rising', it was painted on the east side of the recently revamped Platform building by two female artists known as Nomad Clan. (See HERE for more details). It is more than 150ft high and is believed to be Britain's tallest piece of street art.

The owl is the symbol of the City of Leeds (see HERE), and there are many owls scattered around on buildings and bridges so the subject matter is quite appropriate.

(Taking part in Monday Murals. Click HERE for more murals from around the world.)


  1. How high does "street art" have to be before it becomes "sky art"?

  2. ...large mural can be hard to photograph, you did a smashing job! We have a local artist the paints birds of prey, this one is wonderful.

  3. That's an impressive mural, Jenny!

  4. Wow, that's a brilliant mural Jenny. A great find and well photographed. Some of these gigantic murals are sometimes quite difficult to photograph due to space constrictions.

  5. A huge amount of work went into it, that is for sure.


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