Saturday, 8 August 2009

Salt Family Coat of Arms

The Salt Family Coat of Arms, adopted before Sir Titus became a baronet, can be seen in several places in Saltaire but most clearly above the Dining Hall, carved in stone . It's described as: 'Azure, a chevron indented between two mullets and a demi ostrich holding in the beak a horse shoe in base or'. The motto was Quid Non Deo Juvante (which apparently means What [can a man] not [do] with God helping).

Just out of interest, I looked up some of the meanings of the heraldic symbols:
Azure (blue) = loyalty & truth
Chevron = protection - for those who have accomplished some faithful service
Mullets (the five-pointed stars) = divine quality bestowed from above
Ostrich = willing obedience & serenity
Horseshoe = good luck & protection
Or (gold or yellow) = generosity

(Owing to my particular age, I am more familiar with the term mullet as applied to hair-dos! As favoured by certain popstars and footballers in the 70s! So initially the description above made me smile...)

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