Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow joke ....

This section of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, down by the entrance to Roberts Park in Saltaire, is a popular spot for visitors.  There is usually someone there feeding the ducks and pigeons, so the birds have learned to congregate there.  With snow on the ground and ice floes in the canal, they were probably hungrier than usual - but there were few visitors about.  The ducks were milling around, more in hope than expectation.  Perhaps standing on the snow was warmer than swimming in the water.  Not much trade for the ice-cream boat either! When it's raining we say "Nice weather for ducks" - but this.... it's snow joke!
(The photo was taken before the latest snowfall.  The canal is completely frozen over now.  In fact pretty much the entire UK is covered in snow, as this satellite picture shows.)


  1. I see you've been experimenting; nice canal shot, the red paintwork makes all the difference. Pity he had to put a 'dish' on the back of his boat.

  2. In France, we speak of a weather for ducks when it's cold. And the weather is really very bad, it becomes a "dog's weather"!
    We saw more pictures of England on tv this morning! it seems to be worse than in France!

  3. The more it snows (Tiddly pom), The more it goes (Tiddly pom), The more it goes (Tiddly pom) On snowing!

    Nostalgia! :)

  4. What a pretty picture. The snow is getting a bit tiring though now. xxx

  5. Okay, I simply can't stand photos like this. I want to crawl inside the pic and walk along the canal and beg the person with the narrow boat to let me come aboard. This is so beautiful!!!

  6. Poor things! I see some seagulls in that group too.

  7. The photograph is really beautiful.
    Here we only can imagine how bad it is all over frozen UK and the rest of Europe.
    Have a great weekend Jenny.

  8. I love snow pictures, especially when the snow is still in pristine form. ~Lili


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