Monday, 29 August 2016

Busy in Baildon

The nearby village of Baildon was busy on Sunday...

Crowds of people along the main street and clustering round the 'potted meat stick'... lots of beer... the lingering fragrance of fish and chips...

Ah, 'Baildon Welcomes The Harley Davidsons'....

Its history is long and complicated but every year, on the August bank holiday, Harley Davidson bikers descend on the village for a festival (The Shipley Harley Davidson Rally), held on Baildon's Jenny Lane rugby club site. Traditionally on the Sunday they have a charity 'ride-out' from the village. I'd heard it is quite a sight, so this year I went along to see for myself. The atmosphere in the village was great (because of or notwithstanding the amount of beer being drunk?) and it must bring welcome revenue to the local pubs, shops and cafés, as well as raising money for charity.


  1. We used to have something similar down here. The Daisy Run. Raised a lot of money for good causes over the years.

  2. Such huge crowds of people!

  3. Fish and chips... Baildon! Yes. It look real busy.


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