Friday, 12 August 2016

Teifi Marshes Nature Reserve

Wales - I really enjoyed exploring this nature reserve. We stopped off in various hides around the circular boardwalk, though none of us had any binoculars. I guess you really have to be there early (and have the proper equipment) to spot the most interesting sights. By the time we arrived there were quite a few other folk about but we still saw enough birds and beasts to make it an interesting and enjoyable visit. Horses graze to keep the vegetation down. 

A herd of water buffalo is an unusual sight in this country!

We had only just arrived in the first hide when we saw this fox. I had to be very quick with my camera as it walked quickly into the long grass and then it soon scented us and was off.

 A common Meadow Brown butterfly but it posed quite prettily for me.

View from a hide - though all we saw here was a mute swan.


  1. Hi Jenny - what a wonderful break this has been for you ... gorgeous shots. They introduced water buffalo on a 'park' in the marshes by a primary school - educationally they seem to be a great attraction and benefit. Loved seeing your posts ... cheers Hilary

  2. A delightful place to visit. Water buffalo are quite unexpected.

  3. What a nice trip you had, Jenny!

  4. Ha! Here's me saying how few foxes we catch sight of, these days. And you manage to snap one in broad daylight.

  5. Like the picture of the fox.


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