Thursday, 18 August 2016

The view from within

Wales - Our holiday apartment had a small conservatory on the front that overlooked the tidal Teifi estuary, right at the spot where there is a small park with seats, a jetty and slipway. When we weren't outdoors exploring, we spent hours just sitting in the sunshine there, watching the endless sideshows that revealed themselves. The tide ebbed and flowed, boats came and went. The deepest navigable channel was just in front of the jetty, so we saw small fishing boats making their way from Cardigan to the sea, as well as all the leisure craft. A flotilla of kayaks came past every day, people being trained to use them under the watchful eye of two or three instructors. We spotted waders, gulls and ducks. Three tractors danced in the fields across the river, just muck-spreading but doing so with such grace and artistry. People sat on the benches gazing at the view, walked their dogs, waited for the bus, parked their cars to go to the excellent local pub... But the best were the fishermen and the little children crabbing from the jetty. This family (below) caught lots and then emptied their buckets out onto the jetty so there were crabs everywhere, all scuttling sideways to splash back into the water!


  1. Interesting to see things at low tide like this.

  2. The chance to stand (or sit) and stare. A rare treat.

  3. You had such a busy time I'm surprised you sat for long!


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