Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Beckfoot, Bingley

There was a lovely quality to the light the other day when I walked down to the ford at Beckfoot Bridge and then crossed over the ancient packhorse bridge itself. The stream is Harden Beck and there has been a ford and bridge here for hundreds of years, part of a packhorse trail along the Aire Valley. The present structure was built in 1723 (and the fencing added - or perhaps replaced - more recently for safety reasons). The ford can get much deeper and more dangerous when there's been a lot of rain. I love how those wizened beech leaves still cling on, adding a splash of colour to the wintry scene.


  1. Oh I love the low winter sun and how it creates just that magical mood. Good capture, and thanks for describing the bridge's history too!

  2. Beautiful photo
    It would make a great greeting card and jigsaw puzzle.

  3. This photo is a delight! Thank you!

  4. It is gorgeous, jennyfreckles. This should be a postcard or the cover of a book. Don't like either of these? Print and frame it.


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