Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas

Wishing all my friends, wherever you are, a very happy Christmas. Whether you celebrate the festival or not, I wish you a joy-filled and peaceful day.
All Hail! Lord, we greet Thee,
Born this happy morning.
O come, let us adore Him, 
Christ the Lord.

Weather permitting, I shall be celebrating with my family over in Hebden Bridge. There will be two very excited little girls and an avalanche of wrapping paper and noise, I expect. I count myself very blessed.

For some mysterious reason, robins and snow are traditional Christmas symbols in the UK. Is that the same everywhere? It's a little hard to understand, since our robins are resident all year round and we rarely have snow at Christmas - and neither bears any relationship to the real reason for Christmas, celebrating our Saviour's birth. But never mind, it's a cheery scene! I love the way robins look like little round fluffballs when it's cold.


  1. A Muslim man once told me that his family joined in with Christmas celebrations because "getting together with family and friends and giving generously were part of every religion".
    As for the robins I believe that postmen used originally to wear red jackets and were known as "Robins" so this was used as a symbol on early Christmas cards.
    I hope those little girls and everyone else get what they want this Christmas. Take care.

  2. Our robins are migratory, so they're not around at Christmas. Of course, they're a different species from your robins. And we have about as much snow this morning as there is in your photograph. Happy Christmas.

  3. It is such a wonderful robin photo. I enjoy seeing the real robin compared to our thrush that we call a robin.

  4. Its a lovely Robin shot. Even though we have Christmas in the middle of summer there are still many British/ European Christmas symbols used at Christmas time. I guess it stems from our British heritage. Personally I like to see Australia develop its own Christmas symbols of picnics, beach scenes and nativity scenes but I'm not a fan of artificial snow scenes We have robins on Christmas Cards but we also have kookaburras and kangaroos.

  5. I think we more often have Cardinals on Christmas cards here. They look great against the snow!

  6. Robins and snow? That is an unusual Christmas connection. I had the pleasure of spending Christmas with two wonderful little girls amidst piles of torn wrapping paper. Loved it! Merry Christmas, jennyfreckles.

  7. Pretty image! I hope it was a good Christmas for you.


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