Saturday, 4 August 2018

The Cotswolds: Doubly Thankful

The quaint village church of St Peter in Upper Slaughter stands on a mound above the river. It was dressed for a wedding, which must have taken place the day before, with flowers framing the porch outside and beautiful arrangements of cream roses around the pillars and on the windowsills inside. The Norman/Early English church, restored in 1877, appeared extremely well cared for and was a lovely calm, cool space in which to rest and reflect for a few minutes.

One of the interesting things about Upper Slaughter is that it is a 'Doubly Thankful' village, one of just 14 villages in England and Wales that lost no men in either World War I or II. All those who left to fight came home again. That was despite an air-raid suffered by the village itself.


  1. It looks so lovely inside with all of those flowers!

  2. Interesting story about Doubly Thankful. And the last image past the fine floral display is really good.


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