Thursday, 8 November 2018

Saltaire signage

I don't think I've shown this new(ish) Saltaire sign on my blog before. It was erected when the Victoria Road 'environment' was improved a couple of years ago, with the felling of some huge trees, new street lighting and some alterations to the road surface outside the Victoria Hall. It has been placed at the entrance to the Caroline Street carpark, which is fairly central in the 'touristy' part of the village. It's an improvement on the sign that was here before (see here) and is matched by a similar board opposite that tells the story of the now demolished Sunday School building that at one time occupied the space where the car park is now.

I'm sure the sign is necessary now, since the staffed Tourist Information Centre in Salts Mill was shut down due to budget cuts. There is currently only an unstaffed information point in the Victoria Hall, where you can pick up a few leaflets about local attractions. I think it rather a shame that a World Heritage Site is so low on information. Some sites that I've explored have excellent visitor interpretation facilities. There is a small exhibition in Salts Mill about the history of the Mill but that is provided by the Mill's current owners and is not very obvious to visitors.

In addition, they have closed the only public toilets (again due to Council budget cuts. Blame the Tory government.) That seems very short-sighted since I gather it has reduced the number of coach tours visiting the World Heritage Site, which therefore reduces the revenue coming into the village.


  1. Our history should always be held onto as a treasure, yes it's a shame about the mill.

  2. They certainly don't seem to be encouraging visitors!

  3. Short sighted is generally the thinking behind budget cuts.

  4. Closing visitor centers and public restrooms doesn't send a friendly message

  5. Looks like they included a lot of information on the sign, which is I'm sure a big help.


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