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Sunday, 2 August 2020

Showers at Shibden

I met my daughter and granddaughters (and their dog!) at Shibden Park recently, for a couple of hours. We had a great time, exploring the park and the playground. There was opportunity for that ageless tradition of 'feeding the ducks' - and yes, we used proper bird food, not bread. It was a windy day and there were some very sharp showers but we managed to dodge the worst of them.

Then we had a ride on the little train, which happily has started running again with suitable modifications to promote hygiene during this time of coronavirus. They were spreading families out in separate carriages and staff were disinfecting the seats between trips. It is quite hard, I find, to remember to keep sanitising hands and so on. The little ones are better drilled in it than I am - but then, I rarely touch things when I'm out, whereas they were using the play equipment and so on.

My youngest granddaughter, in particular, has always been super-excited by this little train, ever since she was tiny - but for all of us, it was refreshing to do something 'normal' and joyful for a change.

We tried a 'selfie'... It wasn't especially successful as I had the phone on the wrong setting - doh! But then, these days, I am better a little blurred!


  1. Jenny, you look super. Lovely complexion!

  2. Great "selfie" as well as cute kids. I'm sure it was good to be together for an outing.

  3. I miss things like train rides and feeding the ducks now that I've retired from caring for children. I think I used to enjoy it as much as them - and it looks like you're enjoying yourself too.

  4. I think a little bit of blur helps us all! ;-)

  5. Looks like a good day out and the children look very happy. We have signs up here too all around NZ about not feeding ducks bread etc.

  6. You wonder what the dog thinks, looking at those birds. Of course, you wonder what the birds think of the dog.