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Saturday, 1 August 2020

The bonnie, blooming heather

Like bluebells, the heather peaks at different times in different places. I took a walk on Shipley Glen and found it in bloom, perhaps not quite at its peak but near enough. (I'm hoping the heather on Haworth Moor is a bit slower to bloom. I'm supposed to be leading a photo walk there in mid-August and I was hoping for some colour then!) I do love the soft tones, though purple isn't a colour I'd ever wear, or decorate my house with. It's very pretty on the moors though. 

I really love the harmony of purples, greys and greens that you get with heather, the gritstone rocks, soft mauve grasses and, in this case, some purple flowered rosebay willowherb in the background.


  1. I planted heather in a corner of my front garden. I am astonished how large it has become. Presently it is in bloom and looks delightful. According to the motto: if I'm presently unable to visit Ilkley moor, I bring the moor to me!

  2. It looks so lovely, Jenny!

  3. Heather is stunning, it quite often grows wild here in NZ.