Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Black and white squared

'There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns.' Chuck Palahniuk

A photo from my archives. I'm running out of stock for the blog, hoping soon to find some time and decent weather to get out and take some more pictures. We're in another cold snap, funnelling down from Siberia, I gather. Brr. I'm longing for Spring. Our health and sanity demands it!

I've been over to my daughter's. She and my youngest graddaughter have both been very unwell with a flu-type virus. 'Plague nurse' is not my most favourite or best role but I think I was helpful and - so far - have not succumbed to the lurgy myself.


  1. Looks like the tiler started with a plan but somehow lost the plot! Hope the family soon recover.

  2. Black and white flooring is a classic, isn't it?

    Be well! I'm sure you were much appreciated as a nurse.

  3. The pattern, breaking up the usual checkerboard, is eye catching.

  4. Spring will soon be here and you can get out and about again!

  5. A fine assemblage of patterns. You kept this for your archives?


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