Saturday, 10 February 2018


Shipley's Dockfield Road area used to hold several big textile mills. As they closed, other industries moved in and now the area is a somewhat uneasy mix, with a lot of commercial units, large and small, a few rows of Victorian houses that were presumably once linked to the mills and some newer residential developments (see yesterday).

It looks to me as though it may be 'on the up'. The influx of new housing will change the feel of the area and I think it will all get tidied up. Some of the businesses appear to be expanding too. This unit belongs to 'Specialised Covers', a manufacturer of 'innovative solutions in vehicle protection'; they make fabric covers for cars, caravans and motorbikes. It's a family-run business, established for over 35 years and, judging by the size of the extension (?) they're having built, they look to be doing rather well.

A few doors down there is a studio belonging to Q20 Theatre, another long-established organisation, who produce high-quality street theatre, indoor and outdoor events and promotional entertainment. They're involved in a lot of our local community events and have some hugely creative and experienced performers.

Not far away from them is a children's soft-play and adventure centre, Funopolis.  I've taken my granddaughters there once or twice. They love it - but it's huge and rather easy to lose sight of the children. It took me a good half-hour, last time, to entice the kids out of the maze of slides and tunnels.


  1. Relationships between Shipley boatmen and the night-watching policeman who kept an eye on laden barges was traditionally good. To own a quality Scott motorcycle was every working man's dream. They were built in Shipley; their premises backed onto the canal. When a passing "moonlight Willie" noticed a new motor-bike frame quietly leaning against the rear wall he gave his friendly policeman a tip. The policeman lay in wait and sure enough in the early hours arrested a Scott employee come to collect "his" frame. Not enough: at home he already had all the parts necessary to complete the bike.

  2. A good view, and the area sounds busy.

    There are similar children's play centres like that here, though not having kids myself, I've never been to them.

  3. It is a good thing to see an area like this being revived with a variety of uses. God luck to them.

  4. It looks like it is going to be a very lively place!


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