Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Snowy sunset

I drove back from my daughter's at dusk the other day. There was a light covering of snow over the very tops of the moors, illuminated by a pleasingly colourful sunset. I'd no tripod with me, so I tried balancing the camera on the car but, apart from the middle of the roof where I can't reach, it doesn't have a flat surface anywhere! It was worth stopping to watch the show, anyway. What a glorious world we inhabit. We've more snow forecast for this week, though the weather doesn't always live up to the predictions.

Glory of a different kind in the afternoon.... I took my grandchildren to play with Lego, at a 'Bricks for Kidz' event: a community centre hall with masses of boxes of Lego in all colours and shapes, and lots of busy children. My oldest granddaughter loved it and built some colourful houses and boxes. You could see her little mind working out patterns and how to make the structure stable. The little one spent a long time simply and happily transferring handfuls of bricks from one container to another! There were also lots of stalls where you could buy Lego and tables where adults were showing off their creations - from working Lego train sets, through fantasy scenes from Dr Who and other films and games, to a huge and detailed model of the Houses of Parliament that must have taken months to build. My favourite was a seaside scene complete with beach and sea, with lots of little people swimming, surfing and lying on sunloungers. Why didn't they have things like that when I was a mum? It used to be hard to fill winter weekends in those days!


  1. Our world is indeed very beautiful. One has to have eyes wide open, as you do Jenny. I love watching your blog every day. My most wonderful delight? One night I lay on the deck of my ship. After the monsoon the Indian Ocean sky was as clear as clear could be. The heavens were alight with a trillion stars. I was enchanted. The fluorescence shone like silver paint upon the sea.

  2. Beautiful picture! Our local library has Lego days for kids and I plan to take Josie along when she's a bit older.

  3. A beautiful winter sky. I got a snowy pic this morning from a friend who lives in Cromer, Norfolk.

  4. A very nice wintry sunset, jennyfreckles. I am also finding that Legos can occupy the grandchildren for much longer than I would expect.


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