Friday, 9 February 2018

Coming soon

A little further east along the canal towpath, I came across the site of a new development: Swanside, by Mandale Homes. They are building an estate of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses, on a site adjacent to the canal that used to be a factory. The building work is in its very early stages, with big machines currently clearing the site.

I'm glad they are able to use some 'brownfield' sites for housing. It is much needed and, although the conservationists may bemoan modern developments, I think the increased proportion of homes may start to turn this rather run-down area, where there are already a few late Victorian terraces and some newer flats, into a pleasant residential zone. Although it's untidy and somewhat bleak at the moment, it's only about a fifteen minute walk to the rail station and Shipley town centre, so it's potentially quite a convenient location.

The site is served by the Dock Lane Swing Bridge, a newish automated bridge over the canal. Dock Lane got its name because at one time it led to a dry dock, one of only a few along the canal, where boats were repaired. The dry dock has long since been filled in and built on. You can just see either end of the bridge on the left of my photos. The four houses below are very recently erected. They look very nice and seem reasonably priced, to me. 


  1. Jenny I agree with your comments. Very gradually things have started to improve. We now have the modern Ibis hotel in lieu of a boiler house, Gallows Bridge appears to have been painted and the towpath tarred. These much needed smart modern homes look really nice. There is much to be done! The neglected 1935- built Canal Transport warehouse and former coal yard look ghastly.

  2. Brownfield is a new term to me. At least they're not gobbling up woodlands.

  3. I like the name of the new development.

  4. Things are looking up in your area, jennyfreckles. Sure, the process is a bit messy, but when all is done, if you end up with nice homes like the ones in the bottom photo, it will be worth it.


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