Thursday, 1 February 2018

What's your tipple?

Lots of people were doing 'DryJanuary' - and are presumably enjoying a G&T tonight! - but it's dry all year round for me. I've been teetotal for many years. Alcohol gives me a migraine and for a long time, too, I've been taking migraine-preventative medication, which reacts badly with alcohol. So there is no temptation to stray... but I do get a bit bored with drinking juice or straight tonic or one of the many very sweet, fizzy alternatives. I was delighted therefore when a friend introduced me to Seedlip and then my lovely daughter gave me a bottle for a Christmas present. It is wonderful! It's a carefully crafted, distilled, non-alcoholic spirit, made from herbs, spices, fruit and berries. There are actually two flavours: Spice 94, a warm, aromatic blend and Garden 108 with a fresher, herbal taste. I've tried them both and they're both delicious. You drink them as you would gin, on the rocks and with a mixer. It's a very 'grown-up' drink. I like this one with orange and ginger ale, but it's also good with a slice of pink grapefruit and tonic. The only downside is that it is pretty expensive, marketed as a luxury product on a par with gin. But hey, I've saved so much over the years by avoiding wine and spirits that I think I deserve a little pampering.

What's your favourite tipple?

I'm posting this because the January theme in my online photo club was 'still-life'. I think it's a classy bottle and it seemed a good choice as the basis of an arrangement. I spent a while on a rainy day experimenting with different configurations, lights, reflectors (interesting what a subtle difference a gold reflector makes, over a white one). I liked this image the best.


  1. That sounds delicious -- I'm not teetotal but have cut way back in an attempt to lose weight. What's the calorie count on this? (And I wonder if it's even available over here.)
    Also, your picture is beautiful -- and enticing.

    1. The drink itself is calorie free. So it depends on the mixer you use. I'm not sure if they export yet...

    2. Just discovered you can get it in the USA via at $45 a bottle!

  2. Your image works really well, Jenny! I've never heard of Seedlip.

  3. A good shot!

    I don't drink- first, because I've sampled enough from wine up to whiskey to have decided that I don't care for the taste of the stuff, and second, because it's important to me to have a clear mind.

    I did some wine sampling at embassy events last year here, and found the taste of a Uruguayan wine to my liking though.

  4. $45 a bottle? Maybe I will pass it up.


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