Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Winter garden detail

From magnificent and elegant winter tree 'skeletons' to tiny snowdrops, Harlow Carr Gardens is a feast of beauty in the detail as well as in the wider views. 

Different cultivars of Cornus (dogwood) have stems that really glow when the sun catches them.

I'm not sure what the grass (below) was. It looked fairly dull and uninteresting seen from the side that the sun was illuminating, but viewed against the light it took on a magical, shimmery, silvery, ethereal look; very pretty, trembling in the slight breeze.


  1. What wonderful textures and colors. I never knew winter gardens could be so beautiful and diverse!

  2. The snowdrops are encouraging!

  3. The illuminated grasses are very pretty!

  4. Wonderful details. Winter can be pretty in your part of the world.


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