Wednesday, 24 January 2018


The theme for my online photo group last November was 'Minimal'. I had quite a lot of fun with it, trying to think of the most minimal subjects that I could. I decided you can't get more minimal than this: one thin sliver of sunlight catching, just for a moment, the edge of the chimney breast in my bedroom. Converted to black and white, I think it looks quite interesting as a study of light and shadow.

I took the picture quickly, when I noticed the way the light was falling. Then I decided I could probably get a crisper image if I used a tripod and could thus use a lower ISO. But a few days later, the next time the sun shone, the trajectory of the light was just subtly different and I couldn't reproduce the shot. So... Minimal as a subject and minimal in that it can only be exactly repeated on the same day next year... I wonder if I'll remember?


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