Monday, 15 January 2018

The United Reformed Church

I've taken so many photos of Saltaire's magnificent Grade 1 listed church, I've enough to fill a calendar and more. (One day I might make one!) There are only really two good view points: head-on down the drive, as here, or from the north side as seen from the canal towpath. (See HERE). I have to complain that Sir Titus Salt and his Victorian architects did not consider the building from a photographic viewpoint (!) as the sun only illuminates the building satisfactorily in the early morning. Later in the day it moves round to be an annoying backlight. In fairness, I suppose the trees that surround the church weren't so big in the early days so the church would have stood out more. If you can work within the limitations, however, it is a really wonderful building to photograph, and the overall scene looks so different depending on the seasons.


  1. I suspect that Sir Titus was an early riser. He would have certainly expected his workforce to be!

  2. What a beautiful light - the church is positively glowing! It's a wonderful building!
    Love your blog and now following!

  3. A fine photo in lovely light.


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