Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Winter promenade

Saturday was spent doing chores... Not my favourite occupation but at some point every week the business of 'just living' demands attention. A supermarket trip, some laundry, some cleaning, dusting and vacuuming... It was a dull and drizzly day so I didn't mind too much, but in the afternoon a weak sun broke through and I decided a little walk in the fresh air was necessary - also an important part of living.

I'm so glad I live within a ten minute walk of Roberts Park. On the way down, I bumped into some friends and had a brief but pleasant chat with them. Then I did a circuit of the park, at a brisk pace as it was quite chilly despite the sunshine. I often think of the generations of Saltaire residents who've probably done the very same perambulation. There were a few other people about, not many. I stopped only to take a few photos. Well, I can't go out without my camera, can I? The bandstand seems to be a favourite subject lately. It looks so smart with its new coat of paint and the light on it was very attractive.


  1. The red paint adds a welcome spot of brightness to a January day. It will look even better in summer when occupied by some smart bandsmen.

  2. A walk in the fresh air is always a treat after 'necessary chores' Jenny ☺ You are lucky to have such a pretty walk and destination so close to home. Is the bandstand very old?

    1. No, this one has been there just a few years, since the park was refurbished. The original was demolished during WWII.

  3. Yes, a brisk walk is so nice, and bringing home a few photos too!

  4. The bandstand does stand out in that light.

  5. The bandstand is looking lovely.


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