Saturday, 13 January 2018

Two trees, two days

I had a quick and restorative walk on Boxing Day, taking my favourite route out along the canal towpath and back along the river bank. It's only about three miles but it's enough to wake me up! The furthest point takes me as far as my favourite trees and I like to check on them every now and again. It was a beautiful day, with sunshine and blue skies.

A few days later, I did a different walking route which took me past the trees again. They looked a bit different under a lowering sky. Within a few minutes of me taking the photo, the rain started. Luckily I was already heading for home.


  1. The branches and the fence really stand out in the 2nd pic, Jenny!

  2. To avoid yet more flooding Yorkshire desperately needs more trees to soak up all the rain before it reaches the rivers. The Russians in Khabarovsk have a good idea. If we wish to marry, first we must plant a tree. A respectable deciduous forest has developed from this simple and painless tradition.

  3. Its funny how the trees look happy in the first shot but sad in the second. Thats how a sky can change the mood of a photo.


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