Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Cricket season

The cricket season has started, even if the warm weather is intermittent! Saltaire Cricket Cub has a very picturesque ground, in Roberts Park, against the backdrop of the mill. They say it is the only cricket ground within a World Heritage Site. They were playing as I strolled through the park on the way back from a walk, though I don't think it was a competition match and there were few spectators.


  1. A great setting!

    The only cricket ground I know of here is on the grounds at Rideau Hall.

  2. Very atmospheric indeed!

  3. Lovely image! It is as if you positioned the men for your composition.

    Years ago I visited Australia when my daughter was taking a semester abroad in Sydney, and it was during a . . . match? . . . with India. (I don't know the terminology). It was on every television and the people were as excited as American sports fans would have been during the World Series (baseball) or the Super Bowl(football). I loved watching and trying to figure out what was happening.


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