Friday, 4 May 2018

May Day in Otley part 2

For dancing, you need music and the Otley May Day maypole dancers (see yesterday's post) were accompanied by the musicians that play for the Buttercross Belles and the Wharfedale Wayzgoose morris side.

The Wayzgoose are a border morris side and have very ornate and traditional costumes, with lots of bells, ribbons and feathers.

The Otley Bellman (Terry Ford) also had a hand in the proceedings. He is Otley's Town Crier, an ancient role that involves delivering messages and proclamations to the townspeople.


  1. Looks as though there'll be a new generation of Morris dancers taking over soon.

  2. Excellent series of May Day captures Jenny, here and last two posts. Just one of many a wonderful English tradition!

  3. Fun shots, especially that first one!

  4. Great fun. I'll bet you had so many images it was hard deciding which to show.


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