Monday, 28 May 2018

Hebden Bridge

My daughter and her family are happily settled in Hebden Bridge, which is about a 45 minute drive from Saltaire, over the Pennine moors. It is in West Yorkshire, though not far from the Lancashire boundary, situated in the deep valley of the River Calder. It's a quirky place for all sorts of reasons. The steep valley sides led to unusual housing development, like the 'over and under dwellings': houses with four or five storeys, which are actually two homes one on top of another, the upper one facing uphill and the lower one with its back to the hillside. My photo shows some of these in the background. It's a town with a New Age vibe that has attracted artists and creative types. It's also very family and community oriented and won a 'Great British High Street' award in 2016 for its many independent shops, many with rather wonderful names, like the shoe shop Ruby Shoesday. (You perhaps have to be as old as me, or a Stones fan, to appreciate that one?) The devastating floods that the valley has periodically suffered (most recently in 2015) have in many ways only served to strengthen community ties.


  1. Ruby Shoesday? Isn't that right next to "Textiles on Main Street"?

    1. Haha, brilliant John. You always make me laugh!

  2. That looks wonderful, Jenny!

  3. I also live in a house on a hill, with the front being at ground level, and the back being a second story...and look out my windows right into tree foliage! Love Ruby Shoesday, yes I remember!

  4. I like the perspective of that shot.


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