Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Postcard art

Saltaire Arts Trail 2018
Once again, an invitation went out to local people to submit art on a postcard, to be exhibited as part of the Arts Trail and then sold to raise funds for The Cellar Trust, a local charity that supports people with mental health issues. I didn't think there was quite such a wide variety or high standard this year, though I still enjoyed looking at them. Many of the images I most liked turned out to be by the same lady artist. But it is always interesting to see what people can do with a postcard, and there were some inventive entries. I think my favourite was the one above, but below are some more that caught my eye.

 And finally, one done by a child, I guess, but enjoyable for its simplicity and sheer character. 


  1. Beautiful card paintings. Your child also has started to help you :)

  2. That first one has the feel of manga art.


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