Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The glory of the garden

Here is a selection of the photos I took of individual plants at the Himalayan Garden. The magnolias were beautiful. They seem to have largely avoided frost damage this year, perhaps due to the late arrival of spring. 

Rhododendrons are the star of the show, and there were more colours and varieties than I've ever seen anywhere before.

Some of the juxtapositions were inspired, like this bright yellow tree against the showy red rhododendron.

Himalayan blue poppies, which I've also seen at Harlow Carr, are apparently quite difficult to grow but seem to be getting established here as well. 

I'm not sure what any of the plants below are, but I though it an attractive grouping. 

And of course, cherry blossom and our native British bluebells are welcome signs of spring.


  1. So much beauty. Not intended for our eyes of course but for bees!

  2. Happily the EU have just banned the use of 3 pesticides which eliminate bees. Let us hope we soon have lots and lots of bees to pollinate these beautiful flowers!

  3. The blue poppies particularly stand out to me.


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