Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Shadows of the past

Saltaire Arts Trail 2018
Leeds Photographic Society once again held their annual exhibition on the top floor of Salts Mill. It's always interesting to see work from other camera clubs and they have a high standard, though I thought there was little that was really innovative. One of the issues I have with camera clubs is that we all tend to churn out similar work, driven to some extent by what we think will score highly with competition judges: gritty mono portraits, wildlife shots, sports action, a few landscapes. Leeds PS do have one lady who produces very attractive still life images; they're a bit different. 

I was really more thrilled (as always) with the feeling of being in the raw, un-refurbished and vast space of a former spinning shed in the mill.  When I'm up there I can almost hear the clatter of ghostly machines. The sun was streaming in through the skylights, making such interesting plays of light and shade. That always appeals to me. 


  1. I would have thought that photos would lose some of their impact in such a vast space. I love your shadow picture.

  2. I was really impressed by that top floor when I was there too!

  3. A great space, particularly when it's open like this.

  4. These are two fine monochrome images, well composed.

    You have benefited from your participation in your local camera club, but I am far more solitary. I like to photograph what I like to photograph and I don't like being pushed in someone else's direction.


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