Sunday, 15 July 2018

Over the hills

Over the hills and far away... 
June was my birthday month and I treated myself to a one day photography workshop, run by one of my favourite photographers, Lizzie Shepherd. We met in the market town of Hawes, one of the most important settlements in Wensleydale. It's a fair drive from here, but a beautiful route north, up past Skipton, right up through Upper Wharfedale and along the pretty Langstrothdale. Then it's over the hills, finally dropping down steeply into Wensleydale. These photos were taken as the road started to drop towards Gayle and Hawes. This little valley is known as Sleddale. As you can see, it started off a misty, hazy morning but, as the day wore on, the mist lifted and it was gloriously sunny. It was a wonderful day to be out in the Yorkshire Dales.


  1. An evocative photo, Jenny. I can hear the peewits calling, and the soft wind blowing.......

  2. Majestic. A classic British vista.


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