Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Potty about plants 3

Shipley Open Gardens - I did take a few general 'views' in some of the open gardens, though it is hard to do the plots justice. Many of the gardens were quite modest in size and the creativity with which they were planted and landscaped was a delight.

The one above gave me a serious case of garden envy, not least for the wonderful children's playhouse (below right), tucked away at the bottom of the plot. My grandchildren would have adored that.

There were inviting shady spots to sit in some gardens (above left and below).

There were some earnest conversations going on about plants - and the weather, of course! We Brits take our gardening quite seriously and the Open Gardens event is a great way to find inspiration. In some places you could buy plants too.


  1. It's an odd thing but most Garden Centres don't seem to sell children's play equipment.

  2. That second shot is my favourite.

  3. The green arbour in the second photograph looks delightfully inviting!


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