Friday, 13 July 2018

Potty about plants 5

Shipley Open Gardens - The house above wasn't one of the show gardens but I liked it so much that I took a photo anyway, as I passed by. Roses seem to be doing particularly well this year and I loved the colour combinations here. It reminded me (again) of my grandparents who had a wonderful climbing rose billowing over their fence.

The foliage and plants below were an attractive combination of colour and shape too, I thought. Alliums and some kind of centaurea, I think...

A yellow rose against a yellow garage door...

And some attractively contrasting foliage colour and texture:


  1. Beautiful shots, Jenny. You say the roses are doing well this year - so it's not due to my skillful amateur pruning, then? :-)

  2. Glad you took that wonderful picture of the house covered with climbing roses.

  3. People ask me how to prune roses, and I haven't a clue. They seem to survive, no thanks to me.


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