Thursday, 12 July 2018

Potty about plants 4

Shipley Open Gardens - There were some interesting features in some of the gardens, like the round mirror (above) in a shady corner that reflected a glorious tangle of bright green sunlit foliage.

I was drawn too, to this wooden box filled with pine cones, all lovely textures and muted colours. It has made quite a journey from Salcombe in Devon, to Yorkshire!

Then of course there were the garden residents. Most of the cats appeared to have sensibly wandered off to calmer places but a tortoise was nimbly crawling around in search of adventure and tasty treats. It moved surprisingly fast! I used to have one as a pet when I was a child. They sometimes live a long time, and are not that common these days. I think there are certain restrictions, though I believe you can still buy them from breeders here.

Some of the gardens have vegetable patches as well as flowers and shrubs, though I didn't take photos of them. I did spot some hens in a run in one garden. That reminded me of my grandparents, who used to keep chickens in their large garden.


  1. Enjoyed the Shipley Open Gardens series Jenny, I'm potty about plants also ☺

  2. The tortoise is quite a sight. Yes, they can be quite fast if they want to- I still remember a snapping turtle which was quick on its feet.

  3. Thanks for sharing lovely pics, and giving me info on geography, since I live so far from you!


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