Saturday, 14 July 2018

Potty about plants 6

Shipley Open Gardens - I make no apology for showing so many Open Garden posts. I know there are many gardeners and plant lovers out there who, like me, find the wonderful range of garden plants both beguiling and uplifting.

Here are some of the individual plants I noticed and liked. The sweet peas above were such a vibrant colour and looked so pretty tumbling around a tree trunk.

Poppies tend to be short-lived but provide a gorgeous splash of colour.

I'm not sure what the shrub below is. The flowers were so neat and almost waxy looking.

Two yellow and white flag iris... I wish there had been three, but never mind!

And two pink clematis too.

I'm not sure what these are either but I loved the juxtaposition of different shapes and similar colours.


  1. The white flowers remind me of Japanese Dogwood, an ornamental that grows (of course) to tree size around here. I'll wait for a horticulturist to verify however.

  2. They're certainly cheerful to see.

    Poppies here this year seem to have been quite short lived.

  3. You have given us a wonderful spectra of flowers to enjoy, Jenny. Thank you!


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